mini This past spring break, I took it upon myself to reverse-engineer ISU's WebFood ordering system, and build it into an Android app.

This is the result.


  • Order from Iowa State WebFood from your phone!

  • Select from the same menu you have online and in the store.

  • Select sides, and drinks!

  • Use your meal bundles or other payment options!

  • Simple, easy to use, and fast

  • Login to the MyFood app using the same credentials you use on WebFood. mini

  • Chose from all locations that WebFood is accepted at Iowa State, including Clyde's and Hawthorne.

  • All menu items are pulled from the website and are always up to date.

  • Schedules for each location can be accessed, and you can only order when the location is open.

  • Store your favorites for each location in the right drawer, and order quickly!

  • Select sides and beverages, depending on what you are ordering.

  • Choose an available time to pick up, choose a payment method, and checkout! It's that easy.