rslash is a next-generation reddit client that runs in both the browser and in a native iOS app. rslash allows you to browse like never before. I designed rslash from the ground up to be the simplest client, as well as one of the most full-featured clients ever made.

This client has gone through many iterations over the past 3 years as I've worked on it, but it is finally ready to be released to the world.

The iOS and web clients sync user settings, and provide you a consistent experience wherever you would like to browse.

rslash is completely free and requires no sign-up or account to use. You can optionally link your reddit accounts to the site to use the features that require you to be signed in (voting, posting, etc).

It's features:

  • A beautiful grid layout showing posts and their content all on one page.
  • Sidebar with links to common pages, as well as all the subreddits you are subscribed to.
  • The ability to sign into multiple reddit accounts at once, and switch back and forth without typing passwords.
  • Collapsible comments.
  • Quick left and right navigation between posts.
  • Support for handoff between iOS devices.
  • Dark mode for night viewing.

There are more features than space for listing them here. Feel free to discover them for yourself!